Short Films produced by Caffe Latte Productions

A series of vignettes that all have the act of conversing in common.
Conversatiated is a charmingly satirical short comedy that explores the various ways in which conversation feeds our egos, and reflects moments of quirky public behavior.

Generation Ugh--An Amazing, Random, and Ironic Short Film...Literally
When three young Millennials interview a middle-aged woman for their surreal startup, the conversation goes nowhere fast.

Idiotic Idiomatic
Three awkward business colleagues incorporate urban idioms into their conversation, and the result is utterly idiotic.

We Are Mere Specs
Can socially awkward Sue Shelley find salvation, or is she too easily distracted by smaller things?

The Manspread Epidemic
The Manspread Epidemic is taking over New York City.
Is anyone safe?

HR Speak
Samantha has an agenda: to promote her HR Speak to everyone who enters the Human Resource department of Entitlement Magazine. But does this agenda truly contribute to a more inspired work environment, or is it just meaningless gibberish?

Tell Me About Yourself
When socially awkward Sue, must respond to Wesley's interviewing questions, the result is nothing short of uncomfortable.

The Lagging Line
Kris is dissuaded from taking her lunch break at her favorite coffee shop when she sees the lagging line. Who are the idle line dwellers of this story?

Good Job!
Kris and Mark make their way through the streets of New York to have a coffee/lunch at Suck Bucks.